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Skateboards and Kisses' Journal

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Monday, April 14th, 2008
10:10 pm
Okay. well, it has been a year and a half since ive been on here. i woke up last night totally worried about this site. it was odd. even though i dont use it anymore really (im a facebook girl =)) i was worried that everything i have ever written on it was lost. i posted for i think 2 years on this, of which years i think i did the most developing. i wrote EVERYTHING on this website, so it would be scarey i think to have it all gone. to only have my memories to remind me....
well, im here now. i am once again going through another phase of my life as i continue to develope. I am starting teacher's college next month, so im getting that much closer to having a career...finally! my mom has just bought me a house. it will be mine in pretty much everything but name. i have to pay the morgage, electrical, water, and everything else that comes with a house. im soooo super excited. we take possession in 6 days. it was just be soo nice for emma to finally have a nice big back yard to play in. there is none in our current apartment and my parents dont really have much of one either. thank god for the park across the street. its a 3 bedroom, 2 story house. its gonna take alot of work to get it up to snuff tho. just cosmetic tho. take down all the wallpaper they have plastered on EVERY wall and then paint it all, rip up the carpets, and do anything else i deem necessary. im just soooo excited! yippie! and so is emma. its just all that extra room we will have.
ne ways. i will be back on this soon...hopefully. who knows tho, i may be reading this from a year from now and think "oh shit". lol. we will see.

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Sunday, October 29th, 2006
7:52 am
im gonna send some of you a pic of emma ok?

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7:47 am
God. this shows you how often i come on. everytime that i do livejournal changes its format. weird. i dont really have anything to say. just felt like posting. i think this is like the first time this year. thats sad. i just dont seem to have time anymore. skool....its killing me. 3 english classes and 2 history classes. and they all expect me to read novel-like reading every week. cant wait until next year. its gonna be so much easier.
Now..an update on my life. nothing exciting. emmas three now and getting bigger by the day. shes talking her head off (and mine) and is at the current moment jumping on my couch. Shes still as adorable as ever tho. I just moved into my new apartment. im excited. i pretty much just moved across the hall..so that was easy. my old apartment was literally 3 rooms (bedroom, bathroom, kicthen/dining/living room). i liked it, but now this apartment is 2 bedrooms and a real kicthen and living room. im excited tho, bc now i have internet in my apartment. it was such a bitch before to have to go to my parents house to use the net. still have to go there to do laundry tho..so that still sux. so, i got a new apartment, new net and phone (which my mom is paying for bc she wants me to have a landline), and a new car. well..not new new. '98 lumina new. i love my truck but i had too many problems with it and it wasnt 100% reliable. so, i got a new car. its great. i swear, if i had to be homeless in anycar..it would be that one. and im paying for it alllll my self and the insurance. oddly enough i dont have a job. hehehe..i love student loan.
met a new boy. totally cute. i was proctoring a test for him and it took us like 3 hrs...but only like an hr actually doing the test. we were totally flirting. and i told him i had a daughter and he didnt like run away. he couldnt beleive it, but still...he didnt run screaming for the hills. the only problem is that his name is Joe. i kind of sworen off any "J" name guys after a list of about 5 "J" name guys that just didnt work out. but oh well, we'll see.

on bigger news....MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW!!!!! im gonna be 21!! now i can legally drink anywhere in the world!! exciting. i wanted to go out to a bar here and get drunk (which i could do since i was 19) but my parents have decided to leave town for like 2 wks. so yeah, if any of you see my parents down there wave. they went to arizona for 2 wks. although they are down in green valley. anyways. so im having a b-day party on thurs. nothing big. just 7 of us gonna be there, and im planning a pot-luck kinda thing. so yeah. thats about the update of my life.

i gotta feed emma breakfast now, shes complaining shes hungrey. maybe porriage today?? ok, i think thats about it. it was good to write on here again. i kinda miss it. i wonder that now that i have the net at home if ill be on it more. we shall see. bye!!

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Friday, March 3rd, 2006
10:41 pm
*tears* thanks gals.

I've decided to lift my spirits a little I'm going out to get smashed hammer drunk tommorow. It's sounds like a shallow thing to do (compared to finding inner peace and resolving my issues) but this one is WAAAY more fun.

It's sooo great. In Canada the legal drinkin age is 19. And the bars are wicked fun. You guys should come up and party with me sometime.

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Thursday, March 2nd, 2006
6:54 pm
I just read some things that might have been best if i didnt read them. It hurts really bad. Just to think about the past and how everything happened, and then the conclusion of it all. i know it was the best thing, but it still hurts. Still hurts to read them. Still hurts to see the pictures. Make it stop.

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Tuesday, December 6th, 2005
1:02 pm
JES & SARAH********

i have a letter that i wrote for you. i wrote it over a month ago and keep forgetting to send it out. ill do it 2day or 2morrow. just wanted to let you know that i havent forgot about you!! thanx for the cards too, me and emma loved them =)

KAYLA******* dont worry, letter coming for you too soon =)

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Tuesday, October 18th, 2005
9:05 pm - its meeeeee
meh. figure why im here, why no update. Hi everyone. ive been suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper busy. im taking a class where i sit there and take notes then write about them and get paid 10$ an hr to do it. i have 2 like that. and i get paid 15$ to sit there and watch people take a test. AWESOME! its better than a real job.

super good news here!!! IM MOVING OUT!!!!!! yay! so happy! its a small place with one bedroom and a big bathroom. but its allll mine...sort of. its only $425 a month, everything included. its not THAT small tho, its perfect for me and emma. my dad keeps tellin me to move out, so im gonna. now hes mad at me for moving out. duh! well, actually they want ME to move out, not emma tho. they think that if shes ALL my responsibility then ill like forget to feed her and dress her warm and shit. yeah! thanks for the support there! shes not like a fish i would forget about. she makes noise!

but now my dads logic is that if im moving out, to make it harder on me, hes takin my truck. ya. he expects me to pay for the bus everyday. thats 2$...per bus ride. id need 4 per day. stupid huh? they dont even NEED a second car, they only use the caddy. but oh well. im just happy im movin out. they want me to stay here with them and pay $800 a put up with there nagging! no thank you! but it pisses me off. i got like $6,000 for student loan money for housing and shit. my mom sees how much i got and the first words out of her mouth is "you owe me a thousand dollars". its true...i do. but god damn greedy bitch!!! the money isnt even creased and shes holding out her hand. so i gave her the $1000 i owe her and she gives it to my dead beat brother who REFUSES to get a job (yeah, josh moved here with us, incase you care). so now the next words out of her mouth is "you owe me $1600 for rent). BULLSHIT!! i never agreed to pay that much ($800 a month). so fuck that. i gave her $500 to shut her up. but fuck! im movin out and gonna need to buy EVERYTHING and shes sittin there with her hand out. fuck her. ne ways!! gotta go! chat with ya lata. bye.

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9:03 pm - i need some place to save this and e-mail sucks! p.s. i get paid 10$/hr to take notes hehe
PSYCHOLOGY 100:12 Wednesday, 17 October, 2005

Professor Carlin
Lecture 4 / Wednesday, 17/10/05
Page 1 of 2

Copyright 2005 by Professor Carlin


There will be a quiz covering chapters 4 and 5 next Wednesday, October 26, 2005.


Biological Rhythms. We are starting Chapter 5 today that has to do with body rhythms and mental states. Our body and environment go through a lot of different cycles of different lengths. Today we are going to look at three different rhythms. The first is the Circadian Rhythm is a cycle that lasts twenty-four hours and has an even occurring once in it. Two examples of this is the sleep-wake cycle, that I’m sure most are familiar with, and body temperature. Generally a person is awake for a certain amount of time and asleep for a certain amount of time; one wake and one sleep within a twenty-four hour period. Body temperature is one that we are less aware of, but it does fluctuate in a regular cycle throughout the day.

Another cycle that our body and environment go through is called an Infradian Rhythm. This cycle has events that occur during a longer period of time, such as a month or year. A female’s menstruation cycle is an example of this, as well has migration and hibernation. Every year you see the birds fly and animals go to sleep; they do this once a year. The last rhythm we are going to talk about is the Ultradian Rhythm, which has events that occurs more than once in a twenty-four hour cycle. The stages of sleep would be an example of this, because when you are asleep you go through the different stages many times throughout the night. Hormonal levels and stomach contractions are two other examples of Ultradian Rhythm.

Next lets talk more about how and why biological rhythms occur. Biological rhythms are regular fluctuations in biological systems. Edogenous rhythms occur in the absence of external cues, such as sunlight. If you were in a room without windows to see the sun or even a television - because you can sometimes tell what time it is by what’s on TV – then your body will create its own edogenous rhythm. For some people it will be less than twenty-four hours – about twenty-three hours – but for most of us it will be more than twenty-four hours – around 25 hours. The biological rhythms are controlled by a master clock in the suprachiasmatic (SCN) nucleus in the hypothalamus. People talk about their biological clocks ticking away, referring to age, but its really just referring to our natural rhythms. The SCN regulates melatonin – it’s the one that reports back the external clues for rhythms to follow by.
What are some examples that cause our rhythms to run out of sync with the rest of environment or could cause us to change our rhythms to fit the environment? Jet lag could cause our rhythms to run out of sync and maybe force ourselves to change it. If you are flying from Cape Breton to Victoria, BC, at 10 o’clock PM and arrive there at 6 o’clock PM, your body is telling you to sleep when everyone else is eating dinner. Or when you are sick and your body just wants to sleep, that’s another example of your rhythm getting off schedule.

A question that scientists have been trying to figure out is: do infradian rhythms affect mood? When it comes to seasonal changes, studies have shown that people become more depressed, and they believe there’s a link with the amount of sunshine. This disorder is called Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). Studies have also proven that there is no correlation between a women’s menstruation cycle and mood fluctuation during that time.

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Friday, September 23rd, 2005
2:59 pm
i hate watching Dawson's Creek.
i mean, i LOVE Dawson's Creek but its a very emotional. it takes alot out of me to watch it. i just love Joey and Pacey together.

i know i know.


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Monday, July 11th, 2005
8:18 pm
i just replied to 3 different people with my address. wouldnt it have been easier just to post it on this? maybe. but then someone could have seen it and begun stalking me. maybe not. life is funny.

*but to you 3....give me your addy's so i can send pix*

first day of work 2day. i was nervous. but it was really kinda fun. its a really relaxed and casual place, so thats good. i can dress in jeans and a t-shirt. and everyone is SUPER nice. emma went into a half day of daycare. she loved it!! she loves kids. but she has a fat lip now. i think they're beatin her...but they said she bite it going down the slide. hmmmm. she prolly did that, she gets hurt alot. ne ways!

life is pretty ok right now. my truck is all fixed. my mom spent $400 on brakes 2day. thats waaaaaay too much, but shes an easy target for mechanics. ne ways. i better go. emmas annoying my parents. bye. katie.

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Sunday, July 10th, 2005
2:50 pm
hi. its me. im still alive if you care. and tired. we've moved into this really cool house that were renting. its a ministers house tho (so you could throw a stone at the church we live beside). but yeah. emma great, cute as ever. her hairs gettin long and she will pretty much repeat whatever you say. shes smart like that.
im startin a job 2morrow. my first real job! YAY! im workin at a youth center which mainly has play groups for kids all day. fun. but yeah, its only 8 wks long. then skool starts. emmas goin in daycare 2morrow too. im nervous about that because shes never been away from any of us ever. but theres kids and toys to distract her, so i think shell be ok.
theres really nothin else going on. im sick of pierre crap tho. im seriously through with him. every time i talk to him he rubs "her" in my face and it pisses me off. and so the other day he tells me to long into "myspace.com" to post an message and make her jealous. i dunno what the point of it was. i wasnt going to do it, and i was already pissed at him. but i went on to see what it was. pictures of them together. them telling eachother how much they love eachother. him telling "her" that he thinks about her naked and to come "sex me up". i was absolutly heart-broken...again. fucking asshole. why would he ask me to long on to that to see how happy they are 2gether. im seriously done with him. this isnt just gonna be a thing where im mad at hime for a couple days. i really am done. how many times can he fuck a person over and get away with it??
ok, enough with that. i made a friend here, finally. its hard when you never really go out. but her name is amy and she has 2 kids (1 and 3) so emma has a ball with them! every day she asks me "baby jaycee". which means she wants to go see jaycee (the 3 yr old). so yeah. and shes real nice and everything. but im not gonna see her much since im goin to work 9-5 and she works at 4. so its gonna be playdates on wkends for a while. ne ways, gtg. mom bitchin. bye.

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Monday, June 20th, 2005
5:49 pm
god. every time i come into this website somethin has changed. tells you how often i come on this though. hehe. god, i rememeber when i used to live on this thing. i would post like 5 times a day and everything. man, how live has changed.

I FINALLY mailed your letter jes and sarah. i think i did the deed on Decemeber 15th. and its gonna take a while to get there i think because of christmas. ne ways. and thank you for that amazon.com gift certificate. i WAS gonna buy a syliva browne book, but then i had a better idea. there was think book i had when i was little called "Jelly Belly", and it was my favourite book. i dunno if any of you ever heard of it. its full of like disgustingly detailed pictures and gross poems.....but to a 10 year old its the funniest thing in the world. and since i lost that book and want emma to have the same kind of joy from it as i did, i bought one on amazon.com. so thank you. and in about 7 years when emma can fully approciate it, im sure she will thank you to. ok, thats about it.


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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
3:27 pm
hi. me. yeah. im bored. it startin to suck here. my parents are at the office alllllllll day (like 9-11) building and crap. and at night, at like 10, brenda comes and locks to doors to get upstairs (we live in a downstairs apartment) and so i cant get up to use the phone or computer. and petes just stupid, god hes annoying. and hes reallllly pissin off my parents. but yeah, other than that. woot. theres nothin to do here really, like there ever is any where. i know no one, which sux. i need a friend. boy, girl, dont care!! just anyone to talk to. i talk to pierre on the computer and thats it. and emma, but shes not really good at holding a conversation. shes gettin really good with her words. shes learned alot since we got here, such as: bubbles, boots, ball (notice the trend?). those are just some i have on the top of my head, but dont worry..theres lots more. meh. i have stuff to say but i dont feel like typing and im sure you dont feel like reading, so we'll just stop it here and say good bye. good bye.

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Monday, April 11th, 2005
2:01 pm
hi. its me. nothin new here. my parents got here. got my truck. i actually have lots of things to write, but not about nething interesting. just alot of venting because people here are stupid. all the lines on the roads are gone because of the winter, so i almost got hit by lots of cars. fun. i went to the "casino". its a room no bigger then a house. maybe like 50 machines. quiet boring. i lost too. i suck at gambling. i wanna go to bingo 2night but im broke so i wont be able too. i had 35$ and i had to give that to the school for registration. even tho im not sure im gonna go there. $1000+ for 1 class. SCREW THAT!! theres a community college across the street. i think ill check them out.
pete (brendas husband) is pissin my parents off. they wanna start buildingt he walls for the office but pete wont get his stuff out of the way and keep changing his mind about what side of the building he wants. and last night i was voluntold to box movies, because thats the stuff thats in the way. he didnt have nothing done. me, kevin, and pete went to the store. it was the most boring 2 hrs, i did nothin!! pete abd kevin were both ignoring me too! because on thurs me and kevin had some tension. nothin verbal, but it was in the air. i asked him for 5 hrs if i could use the computer. 5 HRS!!! and he wouldnt let me. so i got really pissed. and i take like 5 mins, write an e-mail to pierre, then get off. god. and pete noticed that i was pissed so he got mad and started giving me the silent treatment. i didnt do ne thing wrong. its not like im heartbroken over it, but hes an ass. a stupid one too. i dont care, they both creep me out. kevin and pete both look like pediphiles (sp?). its creepy. im not sayin they are, they just look it. i dont like it.

ne ways! on a brighter note, it sux here! it was snowing this morning and the sun hasnt shined for about a wk now. god...its depressing. know how england and over there are always cloudy and cold...well, you dont have to cross an ocean to get that weather. god. ok, i better go wake up emma from her nap.

i hate it here, but i dunno where else i would live. like honestly..ask me if theres anywhere in the world i would rather live, i could not give you a serious answer. i would say Rome, but not seriously..altho i did hear there is a job opening...haha!! yeah..lame i know.

ok. thats it. when you build a rocket to the moon, dont forget to take me with you.

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Friday, April 1st, 2005
9:35 am
wow. yeah, its been a while since ive updated. im in canada now. woohoo. yeah. snowy, rainy, windy, and cold! ahh, just the way i remeber it. i havent really been up to much. just gettin all the financial stuff sorted out. gone to get my babybonus, social assistance, and looked at the school. the university here is confusing and stupid! they made me mad. i completed english 101, and it was only 3 credits. but here, a full class is 6 credits. so im gonna have to take english all over again because they dont wanna give me those extra 3 credits. grrrr!!! stupid people!! i do NOT understand them. im a lil apprehensive because of it all. ne ways. thats about it. i went out and bought my first lottery ticket...and of course they didnt card me. they never do the first time i do something legal. arg!! i wanna go to bingo tho.

im staying with my cousin and her husband. shes like 50 yrs old tho. its crazy to call her my cousin. but emmas happy. she hasnt had ne problems. except now shes afraid of the bathtub and doesnt really sleep that good at night. so yeah. i saw some of my family that i dont remember. like my aunt Katherine (who i was named after..kathleen). and my aunt lana. but yeah. my parents should be here in less then a week and ill finally have mhy truck. pete (her husband) is the only driver, and they only have one car. so yeah, i have to ask him if i want to go ne where, and i feel like such an inconvience. thats about it. nothin really more to write. sorry it took soo long. ive had the time, just not the will. bye!!

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Tuesday, March 15th, 2005
10:52 am
im leaving in 6 days. are you gonna miss me??

god, this whole pierre situation is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO fucked up. i dont even understand it, so i wont even begin to try to explain it. we are just the most pathedic people tho. we cant spend 1 day without seeing eachother or talking to eachother. i tried to cut him off, and it didnt work. we had sex last night. and fri hes renting a hotel room to have sex allll night. but he has a "girlfriend". shes a bitch, i dont like her. but yeah. VERY complicated. im gonna miss him sooo much when i leave. even after all the fights we've had (we cant spend a day 2gether without gettin in a fight) i still love him. stupid me. we just click sooo well. we are best friends, and i dunno. its like we are soo opposite that it makes us the same. i dunno. but have you ever had someone where you feel soo comfortable around? someone you can be yourself? someone who knows you sooo well that they can know exactly what your thinking? me and him do it all the time. i say somethin and i know exactly what hes gonna say. im gonna miss him sooo much. but its for the best that i leave. i can finally have a life up there. theres family, i can get a job, go to school full time. GAMBLE!!! i cant wait for that one...=) only needa be 19 to smoke, drink, and gamble!! HAHAHA!! but i dont drink or smoke. oh well, its nice to know that i can if i wanted to.

***JES and SARAH we need to hang out again before i leave***

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Friday, February 18th, 2005
9:10 am
tell you how much i update when a feb. and may update are on the same page. god...what happened to me.

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Thursday, February 17th, 2005
9:56 am - well, its over
last night was not a good night. pierre says that hes working over at his friend dales house all wk to clear his head and to help dale with his new house. well, the other night i went to see if i could find him at dales. i DONT trust him. he said that dale lived right off 9th ave. i didnt find pierres car! i went home and told myself that i was pathedic and all that crap for following me. then later that night he tells me that tory lives like a street away from dale. so he must have been there....but i didnt confront him on it. he gets mad when i dont trust him. HA!
so last night i was sittin in my room and he calls. he says hes at dales and that i cant call him because he forgot his cell phone. already i didnt beleive him bc hes glued to that phone. oh, and earlier that day he got a txt message and said it was his father. ha!! ne ways. i sat there and tried to ignore my paranoia. but i gave in and *69ed. know what number it gave me?! his house!!! he said he was at dales!! fucking asshole!!! i went over to his house and his car and his moms car were there. those are the only 2 cars he drives. so i called his house and asked if he was there. his mom acted strange and said he was out and didnt know where. so i went to the canal to see if i could see in his house. i know...stalker like. but i couldnt so i got back in my truck and went to his house one last time. and there was a white car out front. i got out and walked quietly to his house and i could hear a girl in his room. i banged on the door and went into his house and banged on his room door. and who was sittin there?!?!? TORY! (shes kinds ugly too). so i start hittin him and screaming. it was like i wasnt even there. god! i was soooo pissed. after kickin his ass and scaring the shit out of her, i left. and before i did i said something that i was sooo glad i said. his mom said,"watch it, those are my doors". i said "congradulations, you are helping your son do exactly what your husband did to you". and i left.

he writes me this morning saying i had no write to do that but couldnt blame me and blah blah blah. he said he only did it so he wouldnt break my heart. wanna not break my heart?! DONT CHEAT ON ME!!! hes a fuckin asshole and i hate him!! and whats worse is i hate sittin here giving my time to thinking about him. he also asked if he could see emma one last time. HA!! fat chance!! god damn asshole!!!! 2 fucking YRS!!!! and this is the thanx i get. i did everything for him. i made him lunch everyday, helped him with his car. god!! im soo pissed!!

but if ne one wants to help me get a lil even, egg his stupid car!! he loves that thing and is trying to paint it, so i figure itll be kinda hard when egg on it. i know it sounds childish, but he broke my heart, ill break something of his. and i wanna egg it at work. so he has to drive around with it all on it. ne ways! thats my life. fuckin sux huh? i hate men. ASSHOLES!!!!!

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Sunday, February 13th, 2005
7:54 am - who thinks im getting screwed!!??
in october me and pierre decided it was best for us to be friends...with benefits. and everything was pretty good. but then we found out i was leaving, so we decided to unoffically start dating again. everything was once again fine. until this past week....
he tells me that he likes this girl tory as more then a friend. he says they havent done ne thing bc out of respect for me. then i find a b-day present she gave him. boxers. silk boxers. he said he didnt know why she gave him boxers with lil hersey kisses on them. i got pissed. then my parents went out of town on weds til sun. he keeps making all this time for tory and talking to her in private all the time. just a friend..ha! then the other night i went into his phone and found txtmessages. "XOXO", "you cant rape the willing *wink", "hows my sexy boy this morning?", and "I miss you too". i was crushed. i didnt know what to do. i dont trust him. and so then last night he sleeps over at her house!!!! he says shes a virgin..but i dunno. her house!! i begged him not too bc that would mean i had to be alone in my house all night, and im scared shitless of that. but he says he made a promise. he wont touch me or kiss me bc he feels like hes cheatin on her!! HER!!! we were perfectly fine a wk ago. he should feel like hes cheatin on me! im leaving next month for canada again, and i understand that he needs a life when im gone. but he goes and finds a gf and then denies it. i cant even love my "bf" bc he feels guilty. am i getting screwed?? he doesnt think so. he think, "katies leaving, i need a life, why not find one now". i cant stand be around him it hurts too much. i just cant stop crying, it just hurts.

current mood: sad

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Sunday, November 21st, 2004
8:33 am
god, i dont even remember the last time i updated. i just dont have time ne more, and it sucks. i feel soo lost right now. we got some pretty crappy news about our visas, and my moms all freakin out bc she thinks life is ending. my dad passively says, everything will be fine =D. yeah, total opposites.
i am soo excited to go see syliva browne in feb. ne one heard of her? shes a psychic. i admit im a sucker for stuff like that, but most psychics i dont beleive. but she is amazing!!! how can you not beleive her?! i know i know, shes suckin me into her web of lies, but i like her!!!! shes amazing. watch montel williams on wednesday at 1:00 and youll see too.

i really dont have ne thing else to say, and i really just dont feel like typing. bye.

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